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Earning my stories one run at a time. Finding my way from 3 to 26.2 miles.

Mixing is some observations from the mat & reflections from the field.

Type 1 Diabetic.

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Plan: 5 miles [SloFasy]

Ran: 3.55

Path: Central Park Loop  + Treadmill

With: Solo 


Mile 1 - 11:05

Mile 2 - 11:13

Mile 2.29 - 10:37 

TM 1.26 miles - 16:17 (walked .26) 

Elliptical 1.51 miles in 10:46 + Bike 1.02 miles in 05:20 

Intensity: It started lighting as soon as I hit the park. Stayed on the east side of the Central Park Loop for 2 miles before heading to the gym. As soon as I got on the treadmill I hit a wall. Aimed to reach 3.5 miles before finishing 5 with cross training. Forgot it takes longer to go the distance on an elliptical - was miserable so finished it off with the bike. First run in the rain (and lighting!) and glad I got in the milage I did but the gym was rough. 

Injuries: Nothing to note. 


I did!  Ok, they didn’t look exactly like that  - a single hill between 2 NYC avenues. 

I had seen some runners doing repeats on this hill before and it took me a while to catch on that this is what hill work was. But finally it was my turn to try it out. 

I couldn’t make it to team practice and it was too dark for central park, luckily this hill is right near by and one of my gym locations sits right at the top.

Goal : 1 mile warm up || hill sprints (200-250 meters) at level 7, jog back down || 1 mile cool down [ but some how the milage for the day was 5 … I can’t get that to add up…]

Path: mile loop around the neighborhood, neighborhood hill, mile cool down on the treadmill


Garmin was being finicky, I turned off auto pause (any suggestions on preference?)  but it never sorted itself out, then I ran the mile on the treadmill (12:56) and ended up hitting the start button on my way home - so really screwed that one up. 

Legs felt heavy for the warm up. For the hill sprints I pushed it to a 7/8 but did the slowest jog possible on my way down. 

Injuries: wore CS but felt no injuries - legs are sore (in the right kind of way) from the TIU workout last night. Shins are a  little fire-y/ needing some ice now afterwards. 

Goal: 4 miles 

Path: Treadmill 


Mile 0-1: 4.8s   

       1-2: 5.5s 

       2-2.5: 5.7s

       2.5-3: 5.5s

       3-4: 4.7s

all @ 1 incline 

(3) :30 sec strides up to 7.2s  + 3 min cool down. 

Found my 3-6-3 speeds. While part of me wants to rip into how it’s slow & under 6s, I was happy with the run - it felt solid & strong … have been missing that. 

Injuries: Minor hip (needed to be stretched) + faintest shin (didn’t wear CS) 

I had planned to do my 4 miles after yoga Thursday night last week. 

That planned failed. 

Just as I dropped all my stuff and started up the treadmill I got the feeling that I should do a blood test.  

113 - perfect!

Just not for doing a run when my insulin was still going through it’s 2 hour peak. 

But since I already started the treadmill I decided I was going to knock out (a slow) one mile. 

And then I packed it up and went home. 

Packing up did not include glucose tablets or a wallet … if it had I would have fueled or run into the CVS near by  - I was determined to get my run. So much so that I debated running home, fueling up with some chomps, waiting out the 2 hour peak and going back for the remaining 3 miles. Then I sat down when I got to the apartment and that whole idea vanished - I was in for the night. 

So my first run cut short from blood-sugars …. I’m sure there will be plenty more runs thrown off. 

Low bloodsugar killed the idea of a morning run before the heat really set in. I know that I have to train in all conditions because the marathon could be in heat/snow/rain/perfectly beautiful sunshine & breeze. But because the bloodsugars were seriously PMS-ing last week and have started to drop back down I didn’t want to throw them the curveball of the heat just yet. 

So treadmill it is! 

Goal: 4 mile quality  run was on the agenda. This is where I have a lot to learn, not as a diabetic but as a runner. Hill workouts, Fartleks, tempo runs. I’ve read about them but haven’t given much thought to how I’d be tackling them. I definitely need to do some more research and pull up some suggested plans. 

Intensity: I also need to re-evaluate my intensity scale. Effort level is not equal to the speed level on the treadmill. The truth of the matter is right now my effort level 6 is more like speed 5 / 12 min mile. I’ll get back to 6-7/ under 10 min mile but it’s more important to build back up to it. I did mile 2-3 & 3.25-3.50 @ 6 … rest was between 5-5.5.  About half way through I realized I set the treadmill for 45 min and was cutting it pretty close to finish with in that time so it became a motivator to pick it up. 

Injuries:  Wore my lovely green compression sleeves (and a matching top - way too coordinating for me - as I was walking back someone asked if I played soccer) and had very little shin pain. Left hip had very light dull pain(stretching should take care of it). 

This is week 2 of no PT … and I havetohavetohave to start being better about icing/heating and strength training. I’ve been super good about stretching and icing my knee & shin but my hip needs more attention. 

Got my official training plan from Team for Kids for the New York Marathon.

Game on. {read about & support my involvement here:}

Only, I went to the gym to knock out three miles and struggled. Like had to crank the pace down to walking struggle. Uh oh, that’s now a good sign. This rest for injuries really killed my endurance.

It’s comforting to know that I can knock out under 10 minute miles but it’s frustrating to realize I have to work my way back to it…and to be careful that it doesn’t come at the price of an injury.