My Running Stories

Earning my stories one run at a time. Finding my way from 3 to 26.2 miles.

Mixing is some observations from the mat & reflections from the field.

Type 1 Diabetic.

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That is the lovely knee (or elbow if I decide to take up rollerblading) pad that I rocked at soccer. After banging up my knee at the last game I was a little frightened of either another blast or being overly conservative to prevent impact. I joked about rigging up some sort of knee pad after having trouble in yoga & physical therapy. After taking another blow to it by hitting it while getting off a boat (I was fine during softball & go-karting … go figure), it was confirmed … and I didn’t feel so silly when my physical therapist agreed. Something about pooling blood and busted knee caps told me not to take chances. And when he asked if I was a klutz I told him he should as my downstairs neighbor. 

So after yoga (in which my hamstrings loved the modified lunges) I raced to Modell’s to search for the cheapest, basic knee pad. Then I discovered running in volleyball knee pads was only going to add to my awkwardness/ungracefulness. So I went with the real deal.  Wore them during yoga today too.

To make them even sexier - I was wearing my bright blue compression shorts & hot pink compression calf sleeves.