My Running Stories

Earning my stories one run at a time. Finding my way from 3 to 26.2 miles.

Mixing is some observations from the mat & reflections from the field.

Type 1 Diabetic.

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Plan: 5 miles [SloFasy] {moved Track workout to Wed} 

Ran: 5.11 miles + 2.35 miles cool down 

Path: Central Park Loop

With: Solo


M 1 - 11:37

M 2 - 11:17

M 3 - 11:24

M 4 - 11:10 [Harlem Hill]

M 5 - 12:48

M .11 - 12:18 

+ 2.35 m walk / cool down

Intensity: It was dark, foggy and muggy. I ended the 5 miles on the west side, struggling, and had to walk down & around the reservoir to make it home. It was too foggy to cut across at that time. Went low (56) & downed chomps. Not my smartest run. 

Injuries: nothing to note. 

Plan: 5 miles [SloFasy] {picked up a mile} 

Ran: 4.02 

Path: Braintree, MA 

With: Solo 


M 1 - 11:19

M 2 - 11:43

M 3 - 12:03

M 4 - 11:51

Intensity: Rough from the start. No warm up. No coffee before. No one out on the street. Played the ABC game to get me through but at mile 2 decided to turn around to make it back in time. 

Injuries: nothing to note 

Plan: 10 miles

Ran: 10.31

Path: Riverside Park 

With: TFK Team 


Mile 1 - 12:14
Mile 2 - 12:04
Mile 3 - 11:49 (Gatorade stop) 
Mile 4 - 11:08
Mile 5 - 11:24 

Mile 6 - 11:58
Mile 7 - 12:24 (Gatorade stop)
Mile 8 - 11:57
Mile 9 - 12:02
Mile 10 - 12:04

Mile .31 - 16:43


Sid was our coach again for 11+mm - he’s awesome, he brings humor to the runs and reminds us to have fun with it. Plus he’s super popular, always saying hi to other runners and was cheering on Fred’s Team as they passed. Jackie spotted me before we started so we were already chatting during warm ups and quickly fell in step with Nikki. When we started out on the path it was tight which automatically kept us in pace. Seven weeks in, I may not have had conversations with every runner but there are tons of familiar faces. Today we had a solid pace group that kept conversations flowing and feet moving. It was the best weather yet and taken to a whole new area there were plenty of times I didn’t feel like I was in NYC anymore. While I’m gaining pride of being a Central Park runner exploring during the 10 miles definitely was a good distraction. Team for Kids provides us Gatorade between mile 3 & 4 (thank you!!!) and I took a gamble in taking a cup which was a smart idea. We were so busy chatting that I didn’t pay any attention to my Garmin even when it vibrated with mile markers. At the Gatorade break I was wondering where the turnaround was but still steady (am a little surprised that was our fastest mile). When we traced mile all I care about was water. I had already downed 1/2 my bottle before starting then run. It required going a few feet further but it was worth it and our little section regrouped with Sid, waiting until everyone grabbed a drink. This is when I should have done a blood test - while we were stopped and waiting. Instead it took me another mile-ish to get hit with that low feeling. 70. Ok, so low…with four miles to go. But I felt strong running still with a tinge of low-ness. So I downed all 8 chomps I had plus encouraged another Gatorade pick up when we passed by. I had two cups (so one full one) which was overkill but I had also finished off my water with the chomps. Psssh, people talking about difficult refueling while running. They’ve never had to suck down a juice box (you shotgun beers, I shotgun juicey juice - its cool) while their bloodsugar is 40 walking the streets of NYC. I know the chomps would kick in, that I had more then covered my based and that it was a moment of mind of matter. Mile 7-8 I felt my self slow down a bit but still in step with the girls (though our 11+ group spread out a little at this moment). Finally a water fountain at mile 9 (and seeing a biker with a gnarly head injury [no helmet in sight] … and some good citizens that packed up their chairs to take her & her friend to the hospital) we felt lighter of being in the home stretch and picked up the pace for the last .5 (I glanced down at my Garmin and saw a 9:15). Without the heat we completed the whole thing without any walking breaks - and there was no shuffling/are we there yet/ how many miles/ this sucks moments. It was time exploring new areas and chatting with new friends. Nikki mentioned how it’s her second run without headphones (and first 10 miler!) and same, when I was strapping in my iPhone & drapping my headphones I had a moment of “why am I even bringing these?” I’ll always have my phone on me but I stuck my headphones in a pocket and left them there. Also - bikers are scary in NYC. I mean I kind of always new that but they really don’t like runners. I get it, runners dashing out in front of you isn’t just annoying but dangerous but no need to be rude! The TFK’er coaches stressed about saying the running side, no more then double or even single file and respect the paths. The paths get seriously tight even just with our team alone but I was on the line (on my side!) and i still got a nasty yell from some biker who had plenty of space in her lane.

It was a solid run and I felt the team spirit. As we hit 9.5 miles the three of us picked it up to finish strong - not that the garmin shows that. 

You can see pictures from the run here

Injuries : all good

Plan: 4 miles [SloFasy] 

Ran: 4.03

Path: Reservoir / Central Park Loop 

With: Solo 


M 1 - 11:58

M 2 - 10:40

M 3 - 10:27 

M 4 - 12:17 

increases in the price of carbonated beverages resulted in the highest decrease in BMI…

Tonight’s run was my first on the track - surrounded by kids playing soccer. I loved it so much that I stayed there to do my mile cool down (leaving me an extra mile to walk home). It was extra inspiration of why I’m fundraising for Team for Kids. 

Have fun - run like a kid.  

Tonight’s run was my first on the track - surrounded by kids playing soccer. I loved it so much that I stayed there to do my mile cool down (leaving me an extra mile to walk home). It was extra inspiration of why I’m fundraising for Team for Kids

Have fun - run like a kid.  

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Zumbatomic: Kids can Zumba, too

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Benefits of Zumba for Kids

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One of out every five children in US is suffering from obesity, which leads to cardiovascular diseases at a very young age. In order to deal with that and to avoid it, every child must get involved in cardio exercise such as Zumba. A one hour Zumba session would help burn calories and lose weight. Cardio exercises such as Zumba also strengthens the entire cardiovascular system. The heart can pump blood more efficiently and the child’s lungs get stronger which helps in preventing heart diseases.


I did!  Ok, they didn’t look exactly like that  - a single hill between 2 NYC avenues. 

I had seen some runners doing repeats on this hill before and it took me a while to catch on that this is what hill work was. But finally it was my turn to try it out. 

I couldn’t make it to team practice and it was too dark for central park, luckily this hill is right near by and one of my gym locations sits right at the top.

Goal : 1 mile warm up || hill sprints (200-250 meters) at level 7, jog back down || 1 mile cool down [ but some how the milage for the day was 5 … I can’t get that to add up…]

Path: mile loop around the neighborhood, neighborhood hill, mile cool down on the treadmill


Garmin was being finicky, I turned off auto pause (any suggestions on preference?)  but it never sorted itself out, then I ran the mile on the treadmill (12:56) and ended up hitting the start button on my way home - so really screwed that one up. 

Legs felt heavy for the warm up. For the hill sprints I pushed it to a 7/8 but did the slowest jog possible on my way down. 

Injuries: wore CS but felt no injuries - legs are sore (in the right kind of way) from the TIU workout last night. Shins are a  little fire-y/ needing some ice now afterwards. 

Tone It Up “Twist & Shout” {printable version here}

This workout was no joke!  4 moves  - arm, leg & core toner. Pretty sure it got my heart going more than my 9 miler. Just goes to show you how much I need to work on strength training. 

I did 20x for each side for each exercise. 

+   :60 #plankaday x3 after

Goal : 4m [3-6-1]

Path: Reservoir / Road


Mile 1 - 11:36 [4]
Mile 2 - 10:25 [7]
Mile 3 - 10:26 [7/8]
Mile 4 - 12:18 [2/3]

I definitely pushed it past conversational pace but it felt good. My feet were moving and my mind just went along for the ride. It helped knowing I would scale it back for the last mile and now 4 miles is starting to seem short again.  

To prevent myself from looking at my Garmin every two seconds out of boredom I played a game on the reservoir : picked a number (10, 15, 20, 25)  of light posts and when I reached past that number I could check. I also mixed it up so it wasn’t every 10 posts / didn’t become a mile marker. While the reservoir was pretty busy last night it was a fun game to play by myself (#onlychildalert).  

There were a group of girls when I first started out that were just walking the reservoir, hanging out. They mocked me/were playing around as I passed and took up a fake jog next to me - I wanted to tell them that we had 3.5 miles to go and that in a 1/2 mile we’d be picking up the pace….instead I just ignored them and smiled to myself. 

Injuries : no pain! legs were a little sore from the bridges Saturday but all in the good way. Wore CS but no calf pain. A twinge of the hip but was over before I knew it. Hamstring is still a little iffy but went away during the run. I could get used to this!!